A hospital or health care unit is incomplete without the presence of supporting staff apart from Doctors and paramedics. These include Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists which are required to perform various clinical and administrative services. 

Mostly people are unable to differentiate between a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. There is no any rocket science involved in understanding these medical professions. But it is somehow technical in nature. 

Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist both professions are delightful and pleasing healthcare professions. Helping people in fighting with their diseases and emotional sufferings not only make you satisfied internally but also help you to overcome your own miseries by keeping you near to those people. It is said that when you listen to problems and melancholies of other people and find the ways of their solutions, it spiritually influences on your own nerves and keep you calm and tranquil from inside. 

Medical profession is the same field. It is the way to give you your own peace of mind by helping others. Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist both professions have very promising future and other incentives too. 

You can see both of them working in various same kinds of health care units, but they have very different functions and jobs to do. If you want to make your career in either of the careers, you need to be acquainted with the jobs and functions performed by them. 

To opt for a right profession, that is rewarding and fulfilling at the same time, you need to first understand what it is all about. If you are confused to choose a profession between medical assistant and phlebotomists and want to opt either of them as your future career, you need to understand the drastic radical differences between both of them. We will guide you to help to make right and optimal choice and put your mind in ease in order to make the right decision regarding your future goals. 

Here is a complete guideline for you to get familiarized with the professions by understanding the differences between both of them. 

Their Training Requirements

The training for a medical assistant starts from a medical school or any other online training center. They can opt for training that may provide them with certificates or degrees in various kinds of medical assistances. That includes general, clinical or administrative assistance mainly. Their training includes courses on billing, various medical terminologies, office procedures, anatomy, human physiology etc. Furthermore, their training period lasts from one to two years. It is recommended that if you want to opt for Medical assistant profession, you are advisable to complete ABHES or CAAHEP programs. Clearing those exams will make you eligible for certification exams once you are done with your graduation. 

On the other hand, phlebotomists are diploma-holders or professionally certified in their fields. Their fields of study include various instructions on lab working and physiology, anatomy etc. Mostly employers prefer to hire those Phlebotomists who are certified in their field. However, certification is not a compulsory requirement by all employers. 

Their Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant may vary from person to person and place to place. It also depends on the type of training they achieved. However, mostly their duties include gathering and recording medical background and antiquities of diseases or disorders of patients, their symptoms and indications, their previous reports, tests, major and minor procedures and many others. Furthermore, they are supposed to perform administrative tasks such as to response to phone calls, execute billing operations, enlist patients appointments and likewise. 

On the other hand, Phlebotomists are predominantly employed for drawing the patient’s blood and procedure the specimens for various testing procedures. Additionally, they are hired for verifying donor’s and recipient’s identity, to label the blood samples of patients carefully, to record the patient’s complete information, to collect and uphold medical equipment like syringes, test tubes, vials etc. 

Their Employment and Salaries

Both the professions not only promise you to give you excellent salaries, funds and incentives but also many new and diverse job preambles in the future. Both of these professions can help you to enter into other healthcare units apart from those you already worked in the past. Their average salaries and incentives are pretty handsome to raise your living standards and ideals in the best possible ways. As they both are the indispensable requirements of today’s medical industry. 

But you can say that as compared to phlebotomists medical assistants can adore significantly high amounts of salaries and incentives. 

Their Opportunities

Opportunities for both are also vary distinctively. A phlebotomist can only work with blood samples while a medical assistant has a lot of other samples to work upon. Working with wide range of samples provides lots of experiences and opportunities to medical assistants to excel not only in their own field but also in various related ones too. Most of the medical assistants learn the skills of drawing blood and dealings with blood specimens and perform the jobs of phlebotomists too in various health care centers. 

Take-home Message

In short, you can say that both of these professions are highly worthwhile and gratifying careers to opt for. Whatever the career you choose, be loyal and dedicated towards it. No achievement is possible without putting your energies and drives in the right direction and in the best possible ways. 

One should choose the career that best passable in his or her personal interests and abilities. In the same way, you can acquire the knowledge and training of both these professions in order to be the part of both at the same time in various health care units. 

Making the optimal choice and decision that is veracious for you not only will principally lead to what you have visualized to do, but also to your field of interest in order to pursue the educational necessities in any of the fields. But remember that, both of these fields are challenging and achieving at the same time. The choice is yours!