Medical Careers & Phlebotomy technicians

If you are looking to get training in medical field jobs this website has a directory of schools and state by state information on becoming a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy technicians are medical professionals who collect blood from patients. These blood samples are collected for the purpose to test health issues. Phlebotomists can work in federal hospitals, private laboratories, clinics and health care centers. 

Being a Phlebotomy technician you will work with GPs, nurses, healthcare assistant. It is regarded as an entry-level medical career but later you can purse you career in becoming a nursing assistant or a doctor. 

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, work prospects for clinical research center experts, a bigger group of phlebotomists are individuals, will develop generously and keep on being promising in the coming years.

Phlebotomists can become a good career but you need to set some aims and objectives if you want to become a good professional phlebotomist. 

Education & Grades

There are no strict grades requirements for applying in phlebotomy training program but having good grades in science subjects will give a little edge over others. Minimum age limit is 18 years if you want to apply in phlebotomy training program.

Trainee Requirements

To become a trainee phlebotomist, you just need to give two GCSEs as there are such no strict rules or requirements. Employers usually prefer BTEC qualification in health care.

Employers often ask for relevant work experience. Even where this is not specified, it would be an advantage if you have worked in health or social care, in either paid or voluntary work. There are traineeship programs in healthcare that would give you relevant experience to apply for a trainee phlebotomist position. 

There are also no such experience requirements in a trainee program, but if you have some prior work experience than it will give you some benefit over some others. You can also work as a health care assistant for some health care centers.

During your training days, you will learn some basic techniques and some health & care codes and ethics. 

Cost & Expenses

The cost for phlebotomy training varies. In some states, it will cost you $600 while in other states it may cost you $2500 per semester. Vocational colleges are expensive as compared to other colleges. Community colleges usually offer reasonable prices, but always do some research before selecting a training college.

Training Classes & Learning

In your Training College you will learn following aspects as a phlebotomist

  • You will lean your importance as a phlebotomist in the pathology department
  • You will lean various techniques of collecting blood samples
  • You will also learn methods and techniques for blood sampling
  • Health and safety issues regarding patients
  • As a phlebotomist you will also learn various standards codes of ethics

Precautions and Safety Measures

Medical is regarded as one of the most responsible field in the world because hundreds and thousands of patient’s lives are depending on you. A small mistake can cause you a bigger problem which might end in finishing your promising career. There are some safety measures that Phlebotomists should take. These are as follows:

  • Treat you patient with patience
  • Always use new injection
  • Dispose your injection immediately after taking sample
  • Take proper blood sample
  • Samples should be properly and carefully labeled
  • Deliver blood samples to the lab
  • Store your blood sample
  • Good communication skills
  • Use Proper sterilized instruments

Training Certification

There are various certifications in phlebotomy such as American Medical Technologists (AMT), American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), National Health career Association (NHA). Although there is no such requirement to become a certified Phlebotomists but being a certified Phlebotomist will boost your career. Certified Phlebotomists can also earn more than an uncertified technician. There are also some states in U.S that have some certification requirements in order to work in laboratories and private or public hospitals.


Finding a job of your choice is not an easy task. You need to develop your personal development skills as well as professional skills. Give your experience details to a good and reputable recruiter. Socializing will also help in getting your dream job and lastly and most importantly make a nice and professional resume.

Characteristics & Qualities

Phlebotomist should have good communication skills. It is very important for you to listen to your patients and understand their issues.
Phlebotomy requires long duty hours and you need to have a good stamina because long hours will make you rude, but you need to be patient and have strong professional abilities
Have attention to detail and you should take care while collecting blood from the patient’s and to avoid any confusion you must be careful to label it properly.

You’ll need to be kind with your patients, because some time patients may not allow you to give their blood samples but being in the medical field you need to be patience with them.

Other Skills

In order to become more successful in your field than you can also add Data entry skills and other medical software skills in your resume.


According to a survey, the average rate for a Phlebotomist is $14.06 per hour. If you have over 20 years of experience in Phlebotomy than there will be an increase in this per hour rate. It ranks at number 19 in Best Health care Support Jobs. In Uk Phlebotomist can earn £21,000 a year and £10 – 15 per hour. According to PayScale, the average wage for a phlebotomist is $13.63 per hour and as per year2012 annual salary in United States is $29,730 after deducting dental, vision and medical benefits. By adding more experience and additional training you can further increase your salary

High Demand

Phlebotomists is currently one of the most prominent and promising career for many reasons. Medical profession is changing rapidly because of the increase in more viruses and diseases, researchers will need to examine blood samples and as a result there will be more employment opportunities for Phlebotomy technicians. 

Being a phlebotomist you need to work really hard to improve your expertise and skills. In order to be successful in this field, you need to have good socializing skills because you need to meet new people every day. Phlebotomy is a rewarding profession but it will judge your patience.


The difference between Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist: A Complete Guideline for Choosing the Right Career!

A hospital or health care unit is incomplete without the presence of supporting staff apart from Doctors and paramedics. These include Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists which are required to perform various clinical and administrative services. 

Mostly people are unable to differentiate between a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. There is no any rocket science involved in understanding these medical professions. But it is somehow technical in nature. 

Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist both professions are delightful and pleasing healthcare professions. Helping people in fighting with their diseases and emotional sufferings not only make you satisfied internally but also help you to overcome your own miseries by keeping you near to those people. It is said that when you listen to problems and melancholies of other people and find the ways of their solutions, it spiritually influences on your own nerves and keep you calm and tranquil from inside. 

Medical profession is the same field. It is the way to give you your own peace of mind by helping others. Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist both professions have very promising future and other incentives too. 

You can see both of them working in various same kinds of health care units, but they have very different functions and jobs to do. If you want to make your career in either of the careers, you need to be acquainted with the jobs and functions performed by them. 

To opt for a right profession, that is rewarding and fulfilling at the same time, you need to first understand what it is all about. If you are confused to choose a profession between medical assistant and phlebotomists and want to opt either of them as your future career, you need to understand the drastic radical differences between both of them. We will guide you to help to make right and optimal choice and put your mind in ease in order to make the right decision regarding your future goals. 

Here is a complete guideline for you to get familiarized with the professions by understanding the differences between both of them. 

Their Training Requirements

The training for a medical assistant starts from a medical school or any other online training center. They can opt for training that may provide them with certificates or degrees in various kinds of medical assistances. That includes general, clinical or administrative assistance mainly. Their training includes courses on billing, various medical terminologies, office procedures, anatomy, human physiology etc. Furthermore, their training period lasts from one to two years. It is recommended that if you want to opt for Medical assistant profession, you are advisable to complete ABHES or CAAHEP programs. Clearing those exams will make you eligible for certification exams once you are done with your graduation. 

On the other hand, phlebotomists are diploma-holders or professionally certified in their fields. Their fields of study include various instructions on lab working and physiology, anatomy etc. Mostly employers prefer to hire those Phlebotomists who are certified in their field. However, certification is not a compulsory requirement by all employers. 

Their Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant may vary from person to person and place to place. It also depends on the type of training they achieved. However, mostly their duties include gathering and recording medical background and antiquities of diseases or disorders of patients, their symptoms and indications, their previous reports, tests, major and minor procedures and many others. Furthermore, they are supposed to perform administrative tasks such as to response to phone calls, execute billing operations, enlist patients appointments and likewise. 

On the other hand, Phlebotomists are predominantly employed for drawing the patient’s blood and procedure the specimens for various testing procedures. Additionally, they are hired for verifying donor’s and recipient’s identity, to label the blood samples of patients carefully, to record the patient’s complete information, to collect and uphold medical equipment like syringes, test tubes, vials etc. 

Their Employment and Salaries

Both the professions not only promise you to give you excellent salaries, funds and incentives but also many new and diverse job preambles in the future. Both of these professions can help you to enter into other healthcare units apart from those you already worked in the past. Their average salaries and incentives are pretty handsome to raise your living standards and ideals in the best possible ways. As they both are the indispensable requirements of today’s medical industry. 

But you can say that as compared to phlebotomists medical assistants can adore significantly high amounts of salaries and incentives. 

Their Opportunities

Opportunities for both are also vary distinctively. A phlebotomist can only work with blood samples while a medical assistant has a lot of other samples to work upon. Working with wide range of samples provides lots of experiences and opportunities to medical assistants to excel not only in their own field but also in various related ones too. Most of the medical assistants learn the skills of drawing blood and dealings with blood specimens and perform the jobs of phlebotomists too in various health care centers. 

Take-home Message

In short, you can say that both of these professions are highly worthwhile and gratifying careers to opt for. Whatever the career you choose, be loyal and dedicated towards it. No achievement is possible without putting your energies and drives in the right direction and in the best possible ways. 

One should choose the career that best passable in his or her personal interests and abilities. In the same way, you can acquire the knowledge and training of both these professions in order to be the part of both at the same time in various health care units. 

Making the optimal choice and decision that is veracious for you not only will principally lead to what you have visualized to do, but also to your field of interest in order to pursue the educational necessities in any of the fields. But remember that, both of these fields are challenging and achieving at the same time. The choice is yours!


Fastest Growing Careers in the Medical Field

Most people are now considering options for careers and jobs in the medical field whether they are fresh out of high school and want to pursue a career in healthcare or they are already well established individuals needing a change of focus in their careers.

Despite a career in healthcare services being challenging, the returns for acquiring a job in this type of profession can be very rewarding in terms of professional and personal satisfaction. This is why many individuals are beckoned to join the healthcare field.

Fortunately for these individuals, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in this field. The high numbers of jobs available and the continuously growing demand for individuals to fill these positions is a result of an aging population coupled with advancing technology.

At-Home DNA Testing

One of the fastest growing occupations for medical workers is for companies that offer at-home DNA tests, like and other companies. As this technology is honed, you can imagine that there’s going to be an exponential growth in this field as they become more and more popular.

Aging-Related Health Care

So while people get older and age, technology allows for more services and treatments in healthcare that lengthen life expectancy and improve one’s life quality. It also doesn’t hurt that lobbyists continue to push the agenda of healthcare at the forefront of the political platforms of heads of state.

So all in all the future for individuals in the medical or healthcare field are quite promising. With attractive benefits, numerous opportunities for career advancement and varied areas to choose from to suit each individual preference and inclination, the medical and healthcare field has indeed become the place to be for people who want to take charge of their lives and improve their careers.

The opportunities in the medical and healthcare field are indeed numerous. When traditionally the only positions that were top of mind for individuals in this field were doctors and nurses, now doors to vast opportunities have opened up and there are positions for medical assistants, medical encoders, medical billing specialists, medical supply sales people, and lab technicians have come to fore.

This is only scratching the surface because the list of opportunities goes on and on and while job opportunities increase so does the list of medical colleges increase.

Medical Schools Are Exploding in Growth As Well.

So now if you want to secure a career in the healthcare and medical field, you won’t lack options for choosing a medical school to go for. Even better is the fact that these medical and healthcare schools conduct their trainings and lessons using flexible schedules that allow students to study and continue working on their day jobs. This makes the time, effort and money invested into medical college all well spent.

While traditional medical school that train individuals to become doctors is also time, effort and money well spent, this path is clearly not everyone. The amount of money and time spent to become a doctor cannot be afforded by everyone. Fortunately, for less time and less money, individuals can still be a part of the fast growing medical and healthcare field through medical colleges that offer specialized courses and training.

One can simply not go wrong in choosing to explore the possibilities offered in the medical and healthcare field because the options are vast and there is sure to be an option suited for each individual preference and requirements.

For instance, people in sales can choose to move and launch their career as medical supply sales agents where they target physicians and other healthcare professionals and specialists to purchase or endorse their particular products to their patients.

Careers in medical field are growing. The need for people to care for an aging, baby-boomer population in the world, has created a deficit of qualified medical personnel. There is a lack of medical professionals in areas from entry level to executive management.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Open positions range from certified nursing assistants and hospital orderlies to board certified physicians specializing and various areas of medicine and everything in between. The largest deficit, however, falls in the areas of registered nurses and physicians assistants. Register nurses are wanted in the entire country in offices, clinics, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

Other careers in medical field include physical therapy, respiratory therapy, x-ray technician, radiation services (CT, MRI), and other specialized medical fields. All of these career areas required training and education specific to the area of specialty, but its well worth the effort. People who choose the medical field as a career can expect to receive wages and salaries that are well above the norm.

With the exception of the most entry level positions, such as CNAs, who are usually paid a little more than minimum wage, those who choose careers in medical field are paid well and can often earn as much or more than corporate executives. There is a tradeoff, however. Many medical professionals, especially physicians and nursing staff, will often be required to work longer and more hours than the average professional. These are demanding positions and require a person with the physical and emotional fortitude to handle the many ups and downs that come with working in medicine.

Careers in medical field also include those of psychiatry, mental health, nutrition, and addiction. These career fields require education and training in addition to the normal requirements for a particular position. If you are interested or working in one of these fields, you should be prepared for continuous changes in the science and application of your chosen area of expertise. The sciences of these special fields are ever-changing and the people who have dedicated themselves to them must be able to adjust and change along with them
The medical field is a great industry to work for when a person has an interest in technology. The complex medical software systems and innovative medical equipment is constantly being updated. Working in this field as a respiratory therapist allows people to work with a variety of advanced technology. In some cases individuals are directly working to research and develop better technology.

If you’ve chose careers in medical field, you’ve made a good choice. The job outlook for medical careers is stable and steadily rising. It is unlikely that this will change any time soon. Just remember that the the more education and the more specialized education you have the better the pay will be.