Reducing Risk of Heart Disease & AncestryDNA Coupons for Testing Kits

Heart Disease is More Than Just Genetics

You may have taken one of’s latest health + ancestry service that shows you that you’re at-risk for heart disease. While genetics do play a role, diet and lifestyle are the best ways to reduce risk of having a ‘cardiac event’.

Heart disease is a condition brought about by the accumulation of fatty substances(plaque) along the blood vessels. It’s a condition that is becoming increasingly common among millions and millions of people across the globe due to the introduction of processed foods products that are known to be rich in fats. Usually, when the plaque builds up on the walls of the artery, it hinders the smooth flow of the blood from the heart to the various organs of the body. The good news is that, with good strategies, you can reduce the risks of coronary heart disease. So, what are some of these strategies?

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It can be tough to get 100% of the nutrients that the body needs just through food alone, and this goes doubly so if you are keeping really active (which, as we will go over below, is an important part of keeping heart disease at bay). It’s important to take multivitamins and other nutritional supplements but it can get expensive. However, if you use coupons, you can get some really great deals! We found some really good ones for Healthspan here at They have a wide range of supplements from vitamins and minerals to more athletics-focused products like protein powder and glutamine. Don’t let the name put you off, they have great products even if you’re goal isn’t to get up on stage in a speedo!

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Regular blood pressure checkups

One of the primary causes of coronary heart diseases is high blood pressure which is brought about by different factors. Unfortunately, most people only learn of the blood pressure problems when it’s too late which makes the entire situation even worse. However, with regular visitations to your doctor, it’s easier to monitor the blood pressure and in case of any abnormalities, the doctor will advise you accordingly.


Another major cause of coronary heart disease is the food we eat. Thanks to the ever-growing technology, we now have a wide range of food products to choose from. The bad news is that most of these products can be dangerous for the heart especially if their consumption is not controlled. It’s therefore important for one to make sure that their daily diet contains foods that have low or no cholesterol at all. Besides that, it would also be a good idea to eat nutrients that will help you burn down cholesterol. Some common examples of such nutrients are fruits, vegetables and most unprocessed food products. You can also consult with your doctors or do some research and learn new diet ideas that may help you prevent heart diseases.

Regular Workouts

There are a lot of exercises that may help reduce the risk of coronary heart infections. They include the basic things that we do in the normal course of the day like walking to or from your workplace. You can also put aside some time in your daily schedule when you can visit the gym, go running in the morning or evening. You can hire a personal trainer to help you with new workout techniques that will make sure you effectively reduce the risk of heart diseases. It’s equally important for you to make sure that you consult with your doctor before engaging in some activities for ascertaining that they are doing the right thing.

Avoid Drinking alcohol or Smoking

Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol causes the blood vessels to contract which causes high blood pressure. It is especially important to kick these bad habits for individuals with diabetes and/or excess body weight. If you happen to be an addict, then it would be a good idea to go for rehabilitation in order to get support with overcoming addiction.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that, just because you’ve put in place the above strategies does not completely prevent you from getting heart diseases. It’s therefore important for one to go for regular check ups; better safe than sorry!